Every Child Has the Right and the Potential to Succeed!

Lila Womack is the founder of Lila Womack and Friends (LWF), a grassroots organization established in 2005 to promote education and bridge communities with youth. "Lollipop Lila" as she is fondly known across Atlanta, is a community leader specializing in strategic initiatives, fundraising and educational programs for children in underserved communities, both local and global. LWF has positively impacted 35,000 children, raised over $400,000 and has successfully completed 42 ventures, in twelve years. LWF projects are financed with zero corporate or government funding, instead relying on the community at-large and Lila Womack's door to door sales of lollipops.
All donations made to Lila Womack and Friends are considered a gift.  
12 years
of serving Atlanta's 
inner-city youth!

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