"Bringing the Beat"  New Drums Donated

"Bringing music to our Community." - Lila Womack

September 2008 - Alfred Blalock Elementary School 
450 students
Mission: To exposure inner-city students to extra-curricular activities in an effort to increase the high school and college graduation rate in our community. 
Goal: To donate 6 new marching snare drums, custom designed tee-shirts and to have the drummers perform at high school football half time show. 
Lila had the opportunity to see the dynamic twelve-member drumline performance at a local elementary school in her community.  Some of the drummers knelt on the floor and beat on old textbooks as drums. Lila understands the concept of educating the whole child. Therefore she knew she had to do something to help get drums for these aspiring musicians. Lila began a lollipop fundraiser and a gas card raffle. With the support of her friends and the community, she raised enough money to purchase 6 new marching snare drums and twenty custom designed shirts. Lila also arranged the opportunity for the young drummers and their schools’ cheerleading squad to perform at a local high school football halftime show.  Both Ms. Womack and the drumline received a ROARING standing ovation from the proud and ecstatic crowd.
• Blalock Elementary school-wide Drum Dedication
• Hundreds of handwritten “Thank You” letters from
   the student body (see donate page)
• Frederick Douglass High School's 2008 year book

12 years
of serving Atlanta's 
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